PERSONAL EVENTS                                                                               CONTEXTUAL EVENTS


I was born in Bromley, Kent


 George VI acceded to the throne 


My sister born

2nd World War declared


Government of National Unity: Winston Churchill PM


I started piano lessons                                                                    

William Temple Christianity & Social Order

The Beveridge Report


My father called up into the army

I joined the choir of St. Mary of Nazareth, West Wickham


Family evacuated when our home was bomb damaged    

Education Act established (inter alia) free secondary education


Atom bombs dropped on Japan: Peace declared

Labour government elected: Clement Atlee PM

                                    The Welfare State inaugurated


Started at Bromley Grammar School                                                        

Formation of nationalised industries: Nat Coal Board, CEGB


India achieved independence: Partition inaugurated Pakistan


I started organ lessons

Marshall Plan: UK borrows $12,731m from US

National Health Service Act (1946) established free health care

I was confirmed                                                                                     

End of British Mandate – independence of State of Israel

Lambeth Conference approved contraception within marriage

Nationalisations: Brit Rail, Brit Road Servs., Brit Waterways


Formation of NATO

The London Declaration – birth of Commonwealth of Nations

Last UK major polio epidemic


June: Korean War began (’til July 1953)


My O level exams

Winston Churchill PM

                                                                         Festival of Britain


6th Feb: Elizabeth II acceded to the throne


My A level exams

Death of Stalin


My Oxford university entrance exams 

                                                            William Golding Lord of the Flies

I began 2 years of National Service (Intelligence Corps)


Nov: US Vietnam War began (’til April 1975)


Matriculated to Worcester College, Oxford

                                                                        Oct: Hungarian Uprising and Suez Crisis

Nuclear power first available in Britain


Malaysia achieved independence


Thalidomide causes birth deformities (’til 1961)


Oxford BA

First silicon chips came into use

Admitted to Wycliffe Hall, Oxford


August marriage to Margaret Hankinson at St Giles, Oxford 

                                                        Nigeria achieved independence


Ordained to Holy Trinity Brompton at St. Paul’s Cathedral 

                                                                      South Africa achieved independence

Oxford MA

Berlin Wall constructed

Son: Jeremy born

                                                         Frank Lake founded The Clinical Theology Association


Uganda achieved independence

Second Vatican Council began


Daughter: Rachel born

Kenya achieved independence

John Robinson Honest to God

USA: President Kennedy assassinated

A Quaker View of Sex published


Appointed senior curate at Wareham (in charge of Sandford)

                                    Zambia achieved independence

Harold Wilson PM


Son: Timothy born

Took Clinical Theology course  

                    C of E Alternative Service Measure passed


Son: Martin born

Israel: Six Day War

Sandford Church dedicated 

                                                   First heart transplant operation (South Africa)

East African Community formed (disbanded 1977)

Homosexual Reform Act decriminalised male homosexuality

Nationalisation: Brit. Steel


Appointed Vicar of Sturminster Newton, Dorset 

                                                                                  Martin Luther King assassinated

Northern Ireland violence erupted

 Clean Air Act


First Concord flight

British Army deployed to N. Ireland

Anglican-Methodist reunion rejected by C of E

July: first man landed on the moon


Study visit to Uganda       

                                                                             Idi Amin seized power in Uganda

Daughter: Ruth born


Took group dynamics course  

                                                                                        UK joined European Community

Schumacher Small is Beautiful

Nationalisations: British Gas


Appointed Vicar of Kingswood, Bristol


Soweto Massacre, South Africa


Attended Mid-Service Clergy Course at Windsor Castle

                                                                                                    Pope John Paul elected

I began to come out as gay

UK “Winter of Discontent”


Appointed Director of Council for Christian Care (CCC)

Margaret Thatcher  PM

Moved with family to Drewsteignton, Devon


Study visit to the Netherlands

Covenant of Union rejected by C of E General Synod

C of E Alternative Service Book

Zimbabwe achieved independence

The Housing Act brings in tenants “Right to Buy”


Dowell & Hurcombe Dispossessed Daughters of Eve


Clerk to C of E/Dutch Reformed Church conversations

Falklands War

AIDS identified

Privatisation: Brit Road Services


Took sex therapy course 

                                            Band Aid & Live Aid confronted starvation in Africa

Gorbachov in Russia: liberalisation began

Miners Strikes


UK unemployment reached 3.5m

Privatisations: British Gas, British Leyland

Oct: “Big Bang” – Financial de-regulation


Led first Meeting Human Needs courses in inter-personal skills                                           

“Higton Debate” defined C of E position on homosexuality

            Privatisations: Nat Coal Board, Brit Airways


Began 10 years as Co-ordinator of Church Action on Disability 

                                                                           Hauerwas Suffering Presence

Took Tavistock Institute “Leicester” course

                                                                                      Liberal Democrat party formed

Privatisation: British Steel


May: my post declared redundant at CCC                                                                               

De Klerk president in South Africa: liberalisation began

July: with Margaret formed Charisma Consultancy

                                                                                                            Fall of the Berlin Wall

Took professional development course


                                                 End of Apartheid in South Africa: Nelson Mandela released

Appointed non-stipendiary assistant priest at Hackney

Margaret Thatcher replaced as PM by John Major


USSR & Yugoslavia break up into independent countries

Privatisation: Central Electrical Generating Board


Started facilitating (for 10 years) London gay men’s support group

                                                  Pailin A Gentle Touch

Nelson Body Theology

First EuroPride March held in London

I published Sex and Spirit


Oct: my father died

                                                                                                                                                                     Bill Clinton US President

Privatisation: British Rail


Appointed counsellor at St. Botolph’s church, Aldgate

                                                                               First women ordained priests in C of E

IRA announced ceasefire in N Ireland

Nelson Mandela president in S Africa


Led first (of 4) pilgrimages to the Holy Land

                                                                                   Internet reached 40m users

Took MA at University of Kent

Began 2 years as Chair of Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement


Joined London Philharmonic Choir

Tony Blair PM

With Margaret I moved permanently to London                                                                                                              

Movement for greater inclusiveness in C of E gathered momentum


May: my mother died

                                                           Age of sexual consent equalised for all to 16 years

LP Choir tour to Madrid

2000  The Millennium

Safari to Africa with Margaret

East African Community re-formed

Began 2 years as Chair of London Philharmonic Choir

                                                                          C of E Common Worship

Met my chum Dave – opportunities for travel together


“Gathering up the Fragments”: 40th ordination anniversary 

                                                                      “9/11” Twin Towers destroyed in terrorist attack

25th Nov: my last Sunday at St. Botolph’s   

                                                                                                   “War on Terror” began


My final 2 year consultancy – with Science Museum  

                                                    McDonough & Braungart Cradle to Cradle

Euro currency inaugurated

1st of 2 Priest-Locums at Abergavenny

March: US invasion of Afghanistan

30th March: Death of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Sept: World Summit on Sustainable Development

Golden Jubilee of H M Queen Elizabeth II


L P Choir tours to Canary Islands & Hong Kong                                                                 

Feb: Global protests against Iraq War which began 19th March

July: Jeffrey John withdrew as Bishop-elect under anti-gay pressure

“Section 28” (forbidding ‘promotion’ of homosexuality) repealed

Bombs in Mumbai killed 52


Attended Edward Carpenter Community spirituality weekend   

                                                           Ireland banned smoking in work – and public – places

Began 6 years as a volunteer with National Trust at Ightham Mote  

                                                                                      Civil Partnerships inaugurated

L P Choir tours to Vatican & Paris

                                                                                               Indian earthquake & tsunami

Escalation of Israel/Palestine violence


Charisma Consultancy closed – Retirement                                                                                

April: death of Pope John Paul – Benedict XVI succeeded

Began 2 years as Chair of Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency

                                                                                                       YouTube founded

L P Choir tours to Athens & Lucerne    

                                                                               “Make Poverty History” campaign

Began 6 years exam invigilation at Queen Mary University

                                                                                 July 7th terrorist bombings in London

Led pilgrimage to Turkey with my sister.        

                                                               Provisional IRA ordered an end to violence


                                                                                            Completion of Human Genome

Began Writers’ Bureau course  

                                                                      Nov: Saddam Hussein condemned to death


My first Edward Carpenter Community Week at Laurieston Hall                                                 

Ban Ki Moon succeeded Kofi Annan as UN Sec. Gen.

Dec: UN Climate Change Conference in Bali


Retired from London Philharmonic Choir                                           

Global stock markets plunged, Northern Rock nationalised & Lehman bankrupt

Olympic Games in Beijing

Nov: election of Barack Obama as President of USA

First use of Hadron Collider

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act


Led holidays for gay men to Oban & in 2 successive years to Exmoor  

                                                          Peace in Sri Lanka after 27 years of violence

Dec: UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Swine ‘flu pandemic


75th Birthday party at Worcester College                                                                                  

Coalition Government (Tory/LibDem): David Cameron PM

50th Wedding Anniversary family party at Sennen Cove, Cornwall                                           

Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile & China; volcano in Iceland

Aung San Suu Kji released in Burma: liberalisation begins


“God in the Present Tense” 50th Anniversary of ordination                                                       

Revolution throughout the Arab world = The Arab Spring

                                                                                           Independence of Southern Sudan

Earthquake in Japan raised problems for nuclear power

May: Osama Bin Laden killed

Oct: World population reached 7 billion