Author: John Peirce

Hello – and welcome to my website!

John PeirceHello! Welcome to my website.

Please stay and browse around.

Born in 1935, I’ve lived through much of the 20th century and into the 21st.

It’s been a time of massive upheaval and change in almost every field of life.

To demonstrate this I begin with a detailed 75 year timeline in which I set world and national events alongside my own story and some of the books and ideas that have influenced me most.

Through these 75 years there’s been almost continuous war somewhere on the planet.

Political changes have revolutionised social and geographical maps but poverty, oppression and conflict continues to blight the lives of millions of people.

Human knowledge, scientific discovery and technical invention have advanced beyond imagining.

The potential for the future seems almost limitless yet we degrade the very environment upon which we all depend.

Themes exposed in this website reflect on the significance of some of this fast-changing social history.

At a personal level you’ll see I’ve had a varied career.

For 18 years I was a parish priest; for 10 I directed a social responsibility agency; for a further 16 years I was in private practice as a pastoral counsellor and as a consultant to organisations going through change and development.

Alongside this my personal interests have centred on music and the arts.

Latterly for a decade I sang with the London Philharmonic Choir.

I want here to balance my own experience with a wider reflection on the themes and changes of the past century and what they might be leading to in the future.

I also offer some essays on topics I feel passionate about.

Think of this website as a sort of magazine!

Further topics will be discussed in future issues – so please come and visit again.

When you’ve browsed through the pages please let me know what you think about the issues raised.

This site is under construction. Please visit again as more pages will be added in coming weeks.